02 May 2011

Good things are happening

This week, we got rejected by everybody [whose doors] we knocked on. We were tired, hungry, hot, and sweaty. We lost two amazing investigators. But none of that even matters, because TONY CAME TO CHURCH!!!
Thursday afternoon we call Tony after not hearing from him for almost a week. He says he's got something he wants to talk to us about. "Oh, great," we say, 'he got anti-ed'. Turns out he'd been doing some research and came across blacks and the priesthood. (He's a big black guy, likes his flowers. Tulips are his favorite, fyi.) So we sit down and pull out Official Declaration II, talk about it, and have an incredible spiritual experience. We were all crying by the end of it. 
Then we find out it was his wife's concern, not his so much. We didn't get to speak with her that time, she had a migraine or something. Later that week we find out that our ward mission leader and his wife went over and talked to them and Bobby's concern got resolved. The ward mission leader arranged to get his son to pick up the whole family. Tony was the only one who made it, but at least he did make it.  The ward embraced him and in priesthood opening exercises he bore his testimony about us. The short of it is, He's getting baptized.  :D We're super excited.
Go Naomi! Piano scholarship, playing an 'organ' (liver, lungs? lower intestine?), making dad cry, and playing dead. All in a day's (week's) work for my sister. Go get 'em.
Thanks for your love and support. I can't tell you how much that means to me. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Love you guys! Thanks for all you do!
Love from your favorite
Elder Brown

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