31 July 2012

02 July 2012

Rock Hill, SC

Lots of news this week! Wednesday, I drove to the city of Statesville, from whence I was taken with the departing missionaries unto the city of Charlotte, yea, the land of Hilliard. And from thence I was driven unto the city of Rock Hill, in the land which is called South Carolina. And the names of my companions are Elder Forsyth and Elder Brown. Now, behold, this did cause no small stir among the people of Rock Hill, for behold, now they have three missionaries, yea, even Elders Brown, Brown, and Forsyth. We joke with them that we should open a law firm after our missions.
Then, on Friday, the temperatures soared to 105 F, which was fine, because we were either teaching or inside all day. We had district meeting and then met President and Sister Craven, who have hearts of gold. Then we got stuck waiting for a ride back to our area (about an hour drive) and had to cancel both dinner and our evening appointment because traffic was moving at the lightning speed of 500 feet in 25 minutes. Bummer.
It got pretty toasty the last couple of days (100+) but we had an awesome thunderstorm last night that cooled things down a bit.
My new adress is:
1926 Brookstone Way Apt 101
Rock Hill, SC  29732