28 February 2011

Banana pudding

No more roach sightings and no crashes... but I was in the car (this week), not on the bike. so next week maybe some reports. :)

Liz is progressing still. She expressed some very deep and personal concerns about the celestial kingdom and her family. We're not quite sure how to help her work through them, but we're going to keep praying and hoping. She has two adopted children from Russia. One we've never met; I guess he's moved out or something. The other, Kathryn, we've met several times and we're trying to convince her to join us in the lessons. She's around 17.

My new companion, Elder Bringhurst, is short and spunky. He's a good elder, though, and he does good work. We have little disagreements, of course, but right now we're able to work well together.

Funny story of the week:
Our most progressing investigators, John and Melinda B. came and ate dinner with a family in the ward, and for dessert we had banana pudding. Well, it's a strange thing, but I like banana pudding, and told them all so. We invited them to a baptism another ward was having on Saturday. Friday night, John calls and says 'I made you something, can I bring it to you then?' I told him yes. We got halfway to the baptism on Saturday before they called us and canceled because Melinda wasn't feeling well (we went anyway, more details later). Sunday, they come to church. When we see them John's face lights up and he digs in his stuff for a minute, then hands me a little bowl of homemade banana pudding! It was funny enough that he remembered, but what really took the cake was that he brought me a spoon, too! I just about died laughing.

At the baptism, we were honored to help confirm two of the baptized persons, twin boys. that was a special and unique experience for me.

Love, Elder Brown

25 February 2011

New Companion

My new companion is Elder Bringhurst.  He's about 5'4" and from Hurricane, UT.  He's a funny guy.  He reminds me of the squirrel on Ice Age I sometimes.  He also has a very blunt and bold personality.  We get along well most of the time and we can work through the rest.  He makes me laugh a lot.

Saw a couple of MTC friends at transfers.  I actually was thinking about that and -poof- there they were. :D

We worked hard this week and we don't have a lot to show for it.  We talked to lots and lots of people but nobody let us in.  We're down to four investigators.  The good news is that two of them are committed to baptism-John and Melinda.  We just have to wait for permission since one of them is a former member who asked for his records to be removed.  But we think he's got his heart in the right place and we want him to be able to get baptized.  His daughter expressed a desire to be baptized with her dad.

I had a very awesome bike crash into a bush (no, I did not hit my head) and I whacked my knee real good.  I kinda just lay there and was like, "Fine.  I'll just sit here where it's safe."  Elder Bringhurst just laughed at me.  I laughed too.  No roaches this week, no trash cans but I did manage to wreck on my bike even without any trash cans.

I got yelled at for not ringing a doorbell this week. :D The guy came out and gave me a talking to for not ringing his doorbell.  First time ever but there's a first time for everything, I guess, isn't there?

I saw the funniest thing ever on a basketball:

Ward & Stake
Tournament Edition
Church Ball 
1. No foul language
2. Call your own fouls
3. Lights out & lock up
(Made in China)

Love you guys!  No dying.  I will be upset if you do.  So don't
Love, Elder Brown


The roach next to a pen.

The District: (Left to Right) Elder Brown, Elder Fronk, Sister Hernandez, Elder Lane, Sister Wayaz, Elder Fox, Elder Powell

Elder Brown, Abraham, Elder Fronk and Elder Fox at Abraham's baptism.

18 February 2011

Almost done training

This week we didn't really have any fancy adventures, it was actually about like normal.  I'm almost done training; Elder Fronk's done a good job with it.  I'm not really ready to be done training but I'll keep making the best of it.

We did get to teach an awesome lady this week.  Her name is Liz and she's totally ready for baptism.  Her sole concern is how the priesthood works with her as a single mom.  We'll have her ready before too long.

Love you guys!  Be safe, no dying!
Elder Brown

14 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Thanks for the new helmet, and the advice about cockroaches. I liked the story about crayon-colored roach poos. :)

Nothing needed in particular for march. :) I'm out of spam, though. :D

Mission news: Elder Fronk is being transferred. I'm getting a new companion tomorrow! No idea who he is but I'm excited to meet him. I'm going to miss elder Fronk, though.
Highlight of the week:
I drove this week! It was scary. We had some very intense adventures. I drove some missionaries home while on exchanges and I was fine, and then I drove on exchange with Elder Oaks and I almost wrecked the car twice and nearly hit several things (including a McDonalds' sign). The Lord really does protect His missionaries; I know it because I experienced it! The car's still intact. Just so you know.

No roaches this week, and I stayed well away from trash cans. I did almost get clotheslined by a mailbox, though.
Well, I love you guys! thanks for taking care of me. I miss you guys a lot and think about y'all a bunch. I've gotta go write president.
Elder Brown