30 April 2012

Miracles are real

We have a great story this week. On Friday, we tracted into a Chinese lady named Crystal. We weren't able to communicate very well, because she has trouble hearing English, so she got her laptop out and we used a language translation program on it, and we were able to briefly share about the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon with her and invite her to church. We had to find a ride for her though, because she doesn't have a car yet. Thanks to the Lord's tender mercy and a string of small miracles, we were able to connect her with a family in Waxhaw who speaks Mandarin Chinese. They gave her a ride to church on Sunday and she loved it! The Waxhaw Elders will be teaching her on Friday, and she'll attend there, but I'm just grateful that I was able to play a part in her conversion
Miracles are real. They do happen. I know this because I saw one. There was no way that finding Crystal and getting her to church could have gone so smoothly and easy without the Lord's help. So there.
Love, Elder Brown

25 April 2012

Bacon grease does not shine shoes

Elder Stanley, one of the assistants, came on exchange with us this week. He was quite a help, and showed us several ways we could become better missionaries.
So, after a long lapse in fun stories, I finally have one again!

Smitty, our main investigator, was very hesitant to read the Book of Mormon because, as he said, "I'd rather be a 100% right [with only the Bible] than 50% wrong". We sat down with him on Monday last week and began to go in the same circles that we usually do. But this time, something was different, and we had the spirit with us, and we were able to get him to pray about it. Such a sincere prayer! He waited for 3-4 minutes on his knees to get an answer. He didn't recognize it but he got one, and we were able to help him recognize it after the prayer. On of the last things we heard him say was 'it should be alright to read the Book of Mormon.' :D awesome. we were going to meet with him again on Wednesday but his wife had a baby (healthy baby girl, 7 lb 10 oz) and things got a little crazy, so we rescheduled for today. I'm excited and hope he's read!

Oh, and I spilled bacon grease on my shoe today. that was awkward. :D There's still a little in the seams but I got it off. Note for future missionaries: bacon grease does not shine shoes. 
Love, Elder Brown

09 April 2012

All I did was sit down

This transfer cycle Elder Thomas is going to go open a new area that's never had missionaries before. :D Ho boy! Glad that's not my job.  I know he's going to do a great job of it, he's a great missionary. I'll be staying as senior companion, getting a new companion and working it up in Weddington.
We taught Smitty, who is our best baptismal prospect, the restoration lesson over again and he said he believes the Book of Mormon is true. We invited him to be baptized and he said he wants a solid confirmation before he fully commits. 
I broke a chair this morning. all I did was sit down. I'll send a photo of the wreckage next week, it's kind of intense...
Elder Joshua Brown

03 April 2012

Baited breath

Happy Easter this week!
Conference this time was powerful!  I told several people that it was a bit like sitting down to a bowl of Cheerios and finding out it was really a four-course dinner with steak and ribs. It was good, I learned a lot and felt the Spirit strongly. One of my favorite lines was that trials are not to punish but to polish. I also liked the talk about how folks oughta write missionaries letters. :D
Transfer calls are this weekend. Both Elder Thomas and I are waiting with baited breath to find out what's happening. I know that after this transfer things are going to really speed up. I'm recommitted to work hard and help the mission as best as I can during my last five transfers. we will go onward, ever onward!
Love, Elder Joshua Brown