30 April 2012

Miracles are real

We have a great story this week. On Friday, we tracted into a Chinese lady named Crystal. We weren't able to communicate very well, because she has trouble hearing English, so she got her laptop out and we used a language translation program on it, and we were able to briefly share about the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon with her and invite her to church. We had to find a ride for her though, because she doesn't have a car yet. Thanks to the Lord's tender mercy and a string of small miracles, we were able to connect her with a family in Waxhaw who speaks Mandarin Chinese. They gave her a ride to church on Sunday and she loved it! The Waxhaw Elders will be teaching her on Friday, and she'll attend there, but I'm just grateful that I was able to play a part in her conversion
Miracles are real. They do happen. I know this because I saw one. There was no way that finding Crystal and getting her to church could have gone so smoothly and easy without the Lord's help. So there.
Love, Elder Brown

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