26 September 2011

Poofy-headed syndrome

 I have a confession to make and a funny story to tell. 
Elder Brown went out to tract with his companion, Elder Hurzeler. As they were tracting, Elder Brown saw a large round nut on the sidewalk. Well, Elder Brown was suffering from poofy-head syndrome that day and thought he could be cool. He leaped mightily in the air, descended in power and awesomeness, thrust his foot forward just in time to kick the nut, and sent it flying into the distance, never to be seen again...at least, that's what he wished had happened. The true ending is that Elder Brown didn't time his kick just right and instead landed on the nut, resulting in a lot of flailing and falling. Don't worry, nothing hurt but my dignity. And my pants. My pants kinda got hurt a lot, actually. They have a large rip in the knee, one that I don't think I can fix. Anyway, confession: Elder Brown needs another pair of pants. And he's not quite as cool as he thought he was. :)  Fixed my poofy-head syndrome, though.

In other news, Dennis got baptized Saturday. President Smith, one of President Thomas' counselors, interviewed him and cleared him for baptism.
Alexis is doing well, or at least was. she's going through some trouble and tribble-ation right now, though, and your continued prayers for her would be much welcome.
Love oodles and bananas :)
Elder Brown

19 September 2011

French 'terrible'

The Pinkards, in Dobson, and Michael, in Mount Airy, all got baptized. :) Happy news!

Now, in French, the word 'terrible' can mean both 'awful' and 'awesome', and I'm not sure which one this week was.
We tracted a lot, taught some, and may even baptize someday. Still working with Dennis. Alexis is progressing nicely, except that we can't get her to pray for a specific answer. She's afraid that she won't get one. We promised her blessings and testified, and now we're praying for her to have the courage to pray and to be able to recognize her answer.
It was nice and cold up here this week, so to save a little on the power bill, we kinda just turned the AC off, since it was about 60 outside. It stayed about 65-70 in the apartment. It was glorious, reminded me of home. The natives didn't like it too much, though. :)
I'm still at 2011-C Pepperstone Place in Greensboro, NC (27406).

Elder Brown

06 September 2011

If'n you can, please give the Elders a referral. It's like manna from heaven. But if you can't, get them to rake your yard. Or cut your grass. Or build a wheelchair ramp for somebody. Or help somebody move in/out. Something. It doesn't need to be a big project, in fact, if it's not, that's probably better.
We're keeping a close eye on the weather. There was a flash-flood warning last night and there are tornado warnings for today and (I think) tomorrow. But we're in good hands (the best!) and we'll be okay.
Don't send packages after tomorrow, transfers are around the bend! I think I'll be staying here, but I won't know for sure until Saturday Night. Please tell everyone.
We actually played dodgeball for zone activity this time around. maybe next time we'll go to the zoo. :)
This week was fairly boring. Dennis had a slight holdup and will be baptised on this Saturday, not last Saturday, and will be confirmed Sunday. Alexis, our next-most promising investigator, has read 13 chapters of the Book of Mormon and apologized for not reading more. :) that's the kind of commitment that gets people baptised! :) Could be more good news soon!

Love y'all! keep up the good work! And don't worry, I'll still be a goofball when I get home. Just an older and slightly uglier goofball. :) With maybe some benefit from serving a mission.

Elder Joshua Brown