19 September 2011

French 'terrible'

The Pinkards, in Dobson, and Michael, in Mount Airy, all got baptized. :) Happy news!

Now, in French, the word 'terrible' can mean both 'awful' and 'awesome', and I'm not sure which one this week was.
We tracted a lot, taught some, and may even baptize someday. Still working with Dennis. Alexis is progressing nicely, except that we can't get her to pray for a specific answer. She's afraid that she won't get one. We promised her blessings and testified, and now we're praying for her to have the courage to pray and to be able to recognize her answer.
It was nice and cold up here this week, so to save a little on the power bill, we kinda just turned the AC off, since it was about 60 outside. It stayed about 65-70 in the apartment. It was glorious, reminded me of home. The natives didn't like it too much, though. :)
I'm still at 2011-C Pepperstone Place in Greensboro, NC (27406).

Elder Brown

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