26 April 2011

Everybody's Baptist down here.

Sorry this email's a little late. Nobody warned us that the library would be closed for Easter Monday.

We ate Easter dinner at two places: lunch time-ish at an investigator's house (she's almost ready to be baptized) and again at a members. I've never eaten so much ham in my life. Good stuff, though.

I haven't seen an armadillo here, but there is a groundhog who lives under the house that we've seen a couple times. Fat little thing.

Tony, Bobby, Michaela, TJ, Moriah, and Jesse (all the family except 6-year-old Olivia) are being baptized on 28 May 2011, If they ever stop being sick long enough to come to church three times.  Tony went to the ER Saturday morning and still isn't doing too good.
your prayers on his behalf would be appreciated.

Our other baptismal date is for a week and a half from now and is still trying to quit smoking. she sent us a text saying that she's done with it and isn't ever buying any more cigs, and we're praying hard for her to continue faithful to that promise.

Everybody's Baptist down here. Everybody. Except a handful of Methodists, a Buddhist or two, and that Evolutionist we met last week.  It's kind of funny how so many of them try to convert us to the 'true' Bible.  But they mean well.
Love you guys!

Elder Joshua Brown

18 April 2011

Yup, still alive

Yup still alive. we got called crazy for being out in it [thunderstorm/tornado watch] but we're all in one piece still.
We taught a big black guy this week and he and his daughter are committed to baptism. The only reason his wife isn't is because she was sound asleep during the lesson when we invited them. The previous lesson was pretty much her teaching us the plan of salvation and us trying to keep up with her. Tony, the husband, is a funny guy. He's about 6'3" and keeps a garden. We were teaching him on his porch when his kids came through and damaged some of his garden. Then he said my favorite quote from him: "I may be a big guy, but I like my flowers!" It was even funnier because he said it so indignantly. :D His daughter's name is Michaela, and his wife is Bobby.
Second favorite moment of the week. We went to teach a PMLA family (part member less active) and we met their 3 year old twins. The twins went to their chicken coop and I GOT TO HOLD A BABY DUCK!!! But that wasn't the best part. They mom started to tell us about the black snake that got in and ate two of the chicks. The little girl told us that "He couldn't even move, he was so full" in the thickest country accent I've ever heard. I almost died laughing. 
Good times, good times.
love yall!

Watch out for Naomi. She's going to take over the world before too long.
love ya!
Elder Brown

11 April 2011

Biked around in a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning

I've had an awesome week and learned a lot. We baptized an investigator, Sandy H. on Saturday, for the Sparta Branch, which we also cover. Most of our other investigators have stopped progressing but we're going to dig about and prune the vineyard and hopefully they'll start growing again.
After Sandy's baptism, her cousin Melvile (there really ARE people named Melvile!!) offered to give us the complete tour of the Andy Griffeth stuff. We're figuring out when we can go still but no worries, we will be getting plenty of pictures when it happens.
This area is a tri-share, where we have two cars between three companionships. This last week we spent on bikes, which was fun, as we biked around during a severe thunderstorm and a tornado warning. I had a blast.
I love you guys!
Elder Brown

04 April 2011

The Andy Griffeth Show was filmed in our district. :D

We watched all the sessions of conference, except the Sunday afternoon one, at the church. I saw a lot of friends in the Saturday afternoon session when the BYU-I choir sang. Sunday afternoon we watched at the Goodson's home in Mount Airy. 
Speaking of, the new area I'm in is the Dobson Branch area. It's not a ward but we're hoping we can make it one by the end of the year. The Andy Griffeth show was filmed in our district. :D
My companions are Elder Child (English-speaking trainee) and Elder Jackson, who's going home in five weeks from tomorrow. I love them both to pieces already. We're a lot alike and building on our similarities. None of us are really sure why we're in a threesome, as we all speak English and none of us are waiting for a visa, but president said so, and we're having a whole bunch of fun, so no complaints. We are one. :D
We have a CD player and we use it a bunch. Usually music is provided by other parties, though. :D I've acutally developed a taste for talks on CD, so I think I'd request talks before music now.
Love you guys! Thanks for praying for me! 
Elder Joshua Brown