04 April 2011

The Andy Griffeth Show was filmed in our district. :D

We watched all the sessions of conference, except the Sunday afternoon one, at the church. I saw a lot of friends in the Saturday afternoon session when the BYU-I choir sang. Sunday afternoon we watched at the Goodson's home in Mount Airy. 
Speaking of, the new area I'm in is the Dobson Branch area. It's not a ward but we're hoping we can make it one by the end of the year. The Andy Griffeth show was filmed in our district. :D
My companions are Elder Child (English-speaking trainee) and Elder Jackson, who's going home in five weeks from tomorrow. I love them both to pieces already. We're a lot alike and building on our similarities. None of us are really sure why we're in a threesome, as we all speak English and none of us are waiting for a visa, but president said so, and we're having a whole bunch of fun, so no complaints. We are one. :D
We have a CD player and we use it a bunch. Usually music is provided by other parties, though. :D I've acutally developed a taste for talks on CD, so I think I'd request talks before music now.
Love you guys! Thanks for praying for me! 
Elder Joshua Brown

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