18 April 2011

Yup, still alive

Yup still alive. we got called crazy for being out in it [thunderstorm/tornado watch] but we're all in one piece still.
We taught a big black guy this week and he and his daughter are committed to baptism. The only reason his wife isn't is because she was sound asleep during the lesson when we invited them. The previous lesson was pretty much her teaching us the plan of salvation and us trying to keep up with her. Tony, the husband, is a funny guy. He's about 6'3" and keeps a garden. We were teaching him on his porch when his kids came through and damaged some of his garden. Then he said my favorite quote from him: "I may be a big guy, but I like my flowers!" It was even funnier because he said it so indignantly. :D His daughter's name is Michaela, and his wife is Bobby.
Second favorite moment of the week. We went to teach a PMLA family (part member less active) and we met their 3 year old twins. The twins went to their chicken coop and I GOT TO HOLD A BABY DUCK!!! But that wasn't the best part. They mom started to tell us about the black snake that got in and ate two of the chicks. The little girl told us that "He couldn't even move, he was so full" in the thickest country accent I've ever heard. I almost died laughing. 
Good times, good times.
love yall!

Watch out for Naomi. She's going to take over the world before too long.
love ya!
Elder Brown

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