11 April 2011

Biked around in a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning

I've had an awesome week and learned a lot. We baptized an investigator, Sandy H. on Saturday, for the Sparta Branch, which we also cover. Most of our other investigators have stopped progressing but we're going to dig about and prune the vineyard and hopefully they'll start growing again.
After Sandy's baptism, her cousin Melvile (there really ARE people named Melvile!!) offered to give us the complete tour of the Andy Griffeth stuff. We're figuring out when we can go still but no worries, we will be getting plenty of pictures when it happens.
This area is a tri-share, where we have two cars between three companionships. This last week we spent on bikes, which was fun, as we biked around during a severe thunderstorm and a tornado warning. I had a blast.
I love you guys!
Elder Brown

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