26 April 2011

Everybody's Baptist down here.

Sorry this email's a little late. Nobody warned us that the library would be closed for Easter Monday.

We ate Easter dinner at two places: lunch time-ish at an investigator's house (she's almost ready to be baptized) and again at a members. I've never eaten so much ham in my life. Good stuff, though.

I haven't seen an armadillo here, but there is a groundhog who lives under the house that we've seen a couple times. Fat little thing.

Tony, Bobby, Michaela, TJ, Moriah, and Jesse (all the family except 6-year-old Olivia) are being baptized on 28 May 2011, If they ever stop being sick long enough to come to church three times.  Tony went to the ER Saturday morning and still isn't doing too good.
your prayers on his behalf would be appreciated.

Our other baptismal date is for a week and a half from now and is still trying to quit smoking. she sent us a text saying that she's done with it and isn't ever buying any more cigs, and we're praying hard for her to continue faithful to that promise.

Everybody's Baptist down here. Everybody. Except a handful of Methodists, a Buddhist or two, and that Evolutionist we met last week.  It's kind of funny how so many of them try to convert us to the 'true' Bible.  But they mean well.
Love you guys!

Elder Joshua Brown

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