25 February 2011

New Companion

My new companion is Elder Bringhurst.  He's about 5'4" and from Hurricane, UT.  He's a funny guy.  He reminds me of the squirrel on Ice Age I sometimes.  He also has a very blunt and bold personality.  We get along well most of the time and we can work through the rest.  He makes me laugh a lot.

Saw a couple of MTC friends at transfers.  I actually was thinking about that and -poof- there they were. :D

We worked hard this week and we don't have a lot to show for it.  We talked to lots and lots of people but nobody let us in.  We're down to four investigators.  The good news is that two of them are committed to baptism-John and Melinda.  We just have to wait for permission since one of them is a former member who asked for his records to be removed.  But we think he's got his heart in the right place and we want him to be able to get baptized.  His daughter expressed a desire to be baptized with her dad.

I had a very awesome bike crash into a bush (no, I did not hit my head) and I whacked my knee real good.  I kinda just lay there and was like, "Fine.  I'll just sit here where it's safe."  Elder Bringhurst just laughed at me.  I laughed too.  No roaches this week, no trash cans but I did manage to wreck on my bike even without any trash cans.

I got yelled at for not ringing a doorbell this week. :D The guy came out and gave me a talking to for not ringing his doorbell.  First time ever but there's a first time for everything, I guess, isn't there?

I saw the funniest thing ever on a basketball:

Ward & Stake
Tournament Edition
Church Ball 
1. No foul language
2. Call your own fouls
3. Lights out & lock up
(Made in China)

Love you guys!  No dying.  I will be upset if you do.  So don't
Love, Elder Brown

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