14 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Thanks for the new helmet, and the advice about cockroaches. I liked the story about crayon-colored roach poos. :)

Nothing needed in particular for march. :) I'm out of spam, though. :D

Mission news: Elder Fronk is being transferred. I'm getting a new companion tomorrow! No idea who he is but I'm excited to meet him. I'm going to miss elder Fronk, though.
Highlight of the week:
I drove this week! It was scary. We had some very intense adventures. I drove some missionaries home while on exchanges and I was fine, and then I drove on exchange with Elder Oaks and I almost wrecked the car twice and nearly hit several things (including a McDonalds' sign). The Lord really does protect His missionaries; I know it because I experienced it! The car's still intact. Just so you know.

No roaches this week, and I stayed well away from trash cans. I did almost get clotheslined by a mailbox, though.
Well, I love you guys! thanks for taking care of me. I miss you guys a lot and think about y'all a bunch. I've gotta go write president.
Elder Brown

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