31 January 2011

Battle of the Roach

We're doing quite well, actually. This week was a little rough by the numbers but we've been working hard. I had a very awsome exchange with a Spanish-speaking elder who is greener than I am. We worked hard and though our numbers weren't the best we still did our best, and we even got to sing together. :) That doesn't happen every day.
Most exciting thing to happen this week was the Battle of the Roach. Right before bedtime I went into the kitchen to get a drink and there was this big bug scuttling around on the kitchen floor. I called Elder Fronk and asked him what it was. Well, I didn't expect him to go pale. I guess it was the biggest roach he'd seen, and he wouldn't have anything to do with it. So Joshua fit de Battle ob de Roach this week (it was so cool that I'm sending pictures home. they might take a while to get there, though).
Still no new investigators. we have two solid ones that are going to take a while though. excited for them to get baptized... someday!
I love you all! thanks for your support!

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