12 January 2011


"I write unto you again that ye may know that I am yet alive, but I write somewhat of that which is..." COVERED IN ICE!!!
This week we had a nasty snowstorm, which covered Charlotte in about three inches (that's pretty nasty down here). The storm lasted about 24 hours and then turned to freezing rain and we got a thick crust of ice all over everything (including, incidentally, the car, the parking lot, and our front steps). So... we didn't go to the library on Monday like usual. instead, we walked for an hour, knocked a few doors, got rejected, and had to trudge an hour home too. We were pretty torqued.
Thank you, mom, for teaching me how to sew and cook and clean. They have proved most invaluable skills in the seven weeks I've been here.
Highlights of the week:
We had interviews with President Thomas this week. It was nice to be inside during the cold day, and we got some pretty solid training from it as well. 
We have been teaching an investigator, Desmond, who's from Africa on a student visa. he wasn't progressing very well and we were thinking about dropping him. Elder Fronk invited him to dinner with The Barbarian and his family, and Desmond came (Bro. Vailahi is awesome, he's always saying "anything to help"). After we ate, sister Vailahi bore her testimony and the spirit was strong. On the way home, Desmond started asking about coming to church! He didn't make it to the meetings this week (he had to babysit his brother's kids) but we're way excited.
I haven't been asked to drive yet, so no, no driving. Elder Fronk is the designated driver for our companionship.
Elder Fox finally got his visa to Brazil; he leaves Thursday. I'll probably be with Elder Fronk five more weeks, though it might be eleven; the higher-ups are trying to keep missionaries in the same area for longer periods of time.
Elder Brown

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