03 January 2011

Report of much length

These last two weeks were a blast. I have a lot of funny things that happened to me, nothing quite as exciting as being shot at this week, but here are some highlights.
Elder Fronk got a remote-control helicopter for Christmas. It was a lot of fun and we even managed to break it before the day was out. :) I fixed it, though. That stick-to-all glue that stinks to high heavens held it together.
Oh, I got my first case of food poisoning. :) I spent a day and a half being sick (I won't go into details; suffice it to say that we didn't go tracting). So that was fun. But the real fun happened the morning after I got feeling better. I had managed to keep toast in at dinner the night before, and I wanted an egg. So I made toast, and there was an egg in the fridge. Cracked it open and found out it was hard-boiled. Well, what good is a cold hard-boiled egg? Not for me, thanks. So I put it in the microwave. Imagine my surprise when there was a sudden "Thump" from inside the microwave. :) Yep. I blew up an egg in the microwave. it was fun, too. :) Don't worry, I cleaned it up.
I did manage to set my tie on fire last week. There's a missionary-tie-care technique called 'singeing'. Real simple: take a lighter, light it, and melt all the little fuzzies that stick off of your tie. easy, quick, and not too dangerous... unless you're me. :D I only set the loop that holds the short end on fire, though, so the tie is still good. Elder Fronk managed to set his sock on fire the same way. :D
Elder Fox, who's waiting for a visa to Brazil, is getting transferred out of our area tomorrow. I've only known him for six weeks but I'm still going to miss him, dangit.
Oh, and something else really cool: I got to eat dinner with THE BARBARIAN the last two Fridays. He's a great big Tongan guy with a thick thick accent. I guess THE BARBARIAN is a famous professional wrestler. THE BARBARIAN is really nice, though, and a member of the church. Brother Vilahi (THE BARBARIAN) is just a giant teddy bear. He's very soft spoken. He wears a hat to church because his hair is shaved in places (as part of his character for THE BARBARIAN). 
Love you guys. Don't forget. and no dying either. For any of you.
Elder Brown
Servant of the Lord

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  1. I really enjoy Josh's letters! We never get any of the good stuff that missionaries do for fun from Mac! He just tells us about missionary work! Thanks for a fun laugh, Josh. Keep up the great attitude!