24 May 2011

Sheriff Mathis ran over my foot with our car

This week was busy and really fast. We worked hard. We're going to baptize people, but not this week. I am so tired it's not even funny. Sheriff Mathis ran over my foot with our car (it's a car-share area like all my others).  I love North Carolina, even though it's 85 with equal percent humidity.

Not too many fun stories this week, but here's some good things happening in the near future:
   *We're going to have Brandon M. working with us for three days each week for
    the foreseeable future (this is amazing, it means that for those three days we
    don't have to bike anywhere. also, it allows us to have a member present in a lot
    more lessons).
   *I'm singing at Zone Conference on Thursday (pray for me; I'm really nervous)
   *We might be going fishing next Monday.

So, good things happening here.

I love you guys! Don't forget!
Elder Joshua Brown.

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