31 May 2011

$5 Flounder Special

I sang a solo, a capella, at zone conference, and I just about passed out. I'm pretty sure if it hadn't been a hymn I wouldn't have been able to do it. I pitched it about three notes too high and made the mistake of eating first. but I did indeed sing. Nobody threw anything at me, either, so it must've been alright. :)

We haven't been able to go fishing yet. I'm hoping we can go this next Monday but we'll see.

My foot's fine. Well, actually it's not. But it's not the Sheriff's fault, I just sprained my ankle. It's actually not hurting anymore; I think the Lord's had a hand in that.

I don't have any fun stories this week, we've mostly just been knocking doors. Although we did have fun knocking doors in a nasty rainstorm this week. Friday was a beautiful day, sunny and gorgeous at first. Then the clouds started piling up, and it got dark (which was nice, seeing as we got to be in the shade a lot). It threatened to rain on us but didn't, until about 5 ish, when of course we were far from any shelter. But we had fun. A nice lady let us stand on her porch and talk to her a bit while we waited for a break in the storm. We tried to teach her a lesson (in fact, we counted it, just for all the trial and nastiness of the day). Then after we went and ate flounder at a local restaurant (the Derby; they had a $5 flounder special, all you can eat. And it's goooood flounder, too). And of course, we walked home. (Usually we plan straight after we get in, but not that night. That night we changed into dry clothing first. :)

Brandon's with us this week, and we're mighty grateful to have him today. Things would just have not worked out as good if we hadn't. More on that next week.

So, I had a stroke of genius in the shower the other day. Ready for this?
what did the laywer do when he found out his counter-top wasn't really granite?
ready? ready?
He had a counter-fit!
Well, I did warn you it was a shower joke... what did you expect?

Love y'all!  Elder Brown

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