16 May 2011

Transferred to Mt Airy, NC

My new companion is Elder Mathis. I call him Sherriff Mathis because of a funny incident while we were out contacting. A mentally handicapped man came up and just started blabbering at him, then told him that Elder Mathis was his favorite sherriff and he wanted him to stay in office forever. :) So now he's Sherriff Mathis. :)
It's been humid and rainy since I got here and we've only seen the sun a handful of times. I actually saw the full moon last night and was astonished how bright it was. It's also super hilly here. There are no flat parts of Mount Airy. Everything is a slope, gentle or steep, and nothing is ever just up or down hill. 
We have no investigators who are progressing, but I still love it here. The ward is super-friendly and happy to help us. We also cover a branch in Stuart, VA, where the same is true as well. In both wards we have members who are preparing to go on a mission. Mike Warner, who I mentioned a lot when I was serving in Carmel, is living with his Grandparents in Mount Airy until he leaves on his mission to Pocatello, Idaho. :) Small world. So if'n you ever see a large elder by the name of Warner, who looks kinda like me, only bigger, take good care of him and tell him I said hi.
I got the best news last night. John and Melinda Bennett, also in Carmel, got baptized!!! I could have died and gone to heaven.

Also, I love you.

Elder Brown

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