25 July 2011

So tired today

I am so tired. I didn't know I could be this tired and still be awake for 18 hours at a time. Probably why I'm not awake that long (I've taken a liking to lunchtime naps). I'm just... tired... +yawn+

But we do have a scheduled baptism for the 6th of August. Michael (a new investigator) will be baptized then, if we can just keep him from getting washed away by the fierce attacks of the evil one, which attacks have utterly destroyed our other investigators.

This week we lost Keisha. Elder Child (on exchange from Dobson) and I went over and taught the word of wisdom, it being the appropriate time for that  (or so we thought). the lesson was beyond bad. Awful doesn't describe it. 'Apocalyptic' might be strong enough. I don't know what we did wrong, but by the end of the lesson, her parents hated us and almost didn't let us back in on our next visit. Things went so bad that we went from having a good relationship to them not wanting Keisha to be baptized. Again, I don't understand how it happened. I did use boldness, but not (at least I thought) overbearance. maybe I wasn't polite enough? I dunno. 

The good news is that Michael is still planning on baptism, and he's been quite thoroughly prepared for the gospel by his girlfriend Chelsea, a member of our ward. Doctrinal concerns are almost zero, and he's very much commited. so there is some good news.

Did I mention how tired I am? Oh how tired I am. I am tired. A lot.

Love, Elder Joshua Brown

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