18 July 2011

I sang at a Baptist cookout

I'm 21 now! I'm old! I can buy beer! (yay?)
My birthday was rough; I missed you guys a lot that day. It ended happy, though.
Adventures of this week:
Elder Brown is now old enough to visit whatever establishment he so chooses.
I sang 'Mi Amigo Jesus' at a Baptist cookout to which we were invited. (I bet dad didn't know he was helping me prepare for my own mission when he played that song from his.)  Also at the cookout, we had burgers and hot dogs, and listened to some good old fashioned baptist hymns, then listened to an excellent sermon from a preacher about the brass serpent in the wilderness. (Elder Mathis is absolutely convinced that it was aimed straight at us in an attempt to get us 'saved'. I had to disagree with him on that one.)
Oh, here's a note from the mission office:
/begin message
Just a note to let you know that we are moving the North Carolina Charlotte Mission Office on 23 July 2011.  The phone number and FAX number will remain the same.
The address will be North Carolina Charlotte Mission  3020 Hilliard Drive, Charlotte NC  28205
Missionaries:  In order to receive your mail you will now need to have North  Carolina Charlotte Mission or NCCM on the first line on all your letters and packages.  The Missionaries name will need to be on the second line (with FULL name - we have a lot of duplicate names).
We can only forward United State Postal Service mail.
FED-EX and UPS  (United Parcel Service) - CANNOT be forwarded.
/end message

so the full address is:
North Carolina Charlotte Mission 
Elder Joshua Brown
3020 Hilliard Drive
Charlotte NC  28205
I love you guys!
Elder Brown

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