07 July 2011

Pictures from April 2011

Front L-R Elder Redford, Elder Child, Elder Stanley, Elder Jackman
Back L-R Elder Mathis, Elder Brown (me!), Elder Wells

This is the mushroom in the bathroom.  In Dobson, we had a horrible plague of mushrooms. :) Every other week or so we had a new one.  This one's name is Stanley.

Cool story for the week!  We were at a member's house doing some service taking apart a double wide and we were taking a lunch break down by a little stream that runs through the property.  The member had it set up to where he had a PVC pipe fountain fed and pressured by the river.  Well, we're just chillin', eating, when all the sudden we hear a little "pop" and the fountain disappears.  I went to check it out and it turned out that a crawdad had gotten in the pipe upstream and been whisked away by the flow, and when he got to the end he broke it off.  Poor little guy.  So I met a crawdad this week.  I also got to use an axe while we took down the double wide.  Good times, good times. Don't worry.  I still have all my fingers.

Love you guys!
Elder Joshua Brown

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