12 March 2012

"Lord, you are awesome"

We did indeed have a lot of fun adventures last week. We weren't able to get a picture of the Plan of Salvation that we drew because the police officer asked us not to. I was a bit sad but not enough to argue with the police. :D
We had Hap and Wendy, two of our three investigators, come to church. Yay! Wendy is a member referral and is doing well. Her life had fallen apart and now she's trying to understand her relationship with God and is searching! I am confident that she will be baptised.
Hap is also beginning to progress much better than he has in the past. We introduced the Doctrine and Covenants to him to help him understand the Priesthood and it worked! I was a little apprehensive about sharing the Doctrine and Covenants but it really helped him a lot.
Things are going a little more smoothly within our companionship. Elder Thomas still gets a little frustrated with me from time to time but we're getting along much better.
This week when we taught Annie, our other investigator, we asked her to pray and she just jumped right into it. during her prayer, she said "Lord, you are awesome' and it was really cool the way she said it. It made our day and we all wrote it in our journals that evening. It was funny.

Love, Elder Brown

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