10 March 2012

Adventure and drama

Howdy howdy howdy!

This week has been a fun one, full of adventure and drama.  Well, honestly, it was pretty boring until we were biking home on Thursday night.  Elder Thomas broke his back tire on a cement pipe (it was either the pipe or oncoming traffic, and he chose the pipe).  He was able to ride it home, but the wheel snapped in two places so he didn't dare ride it further. Friday we got a ride to the bike shop and Elder Thomas ordered a new rear rim, then we walked around and stopped by a couple of old investigators, saw Hap, and walked home.  In order to trim off some travel time, we hopped a fence (that was fun) and I only got a little bruise from it.

Saturday brought more fun.  We had a great idea for proselyting activity that wasn't just knocking on doors; we thought it would be good to draw the Plan of Salvation on the sidewalk in the park. Only problem with that, at least that we could see, was that to get to the park we'd have to go through the greenway, which, because we were on foot, would take an extra 20 minutes.  Well, apparently Elder Thomas knew a shortcut through some woods that the greenway runs through.  So we went bushwacking.  There was, in fact, a shortcut, but it wasn't accesible because we've had a lot of rain lately and the creek was flooded.  So we went around...a lot.  Probably 1/2 mile of woods have my foot prints in them.  All kinds of thorny pricklers in those woods, too, of course.

Finally we made it to the park and we draw out the Plan of Salvation with sidewalk chalk.  It was beautiful, too.  We had a lot of fun drawing it.  Just as we were putting on the finishing touches I looked up and there was a big black man standing there watching us.  It took me a second to realize he was wearing a police uniform.  He was real nice and cool about it, but he told us we were defacing public property and we could have gotten in a lot of trouble.  He told us if we cleaned it up he'd call it off.  So we did.  Bummer.  At least we didn't get in trouble.  We also didn't bushwack back.  We took the greenway home, even though it took longer.

Sunday night, we went tracting and at this one door, an old guy with a really cool beard answered the door with a double barrel 1/2 gauge shotgun.  I thought it was a toy until we were talking about it afterward.

We aren't having tons of success but Hap did finally come to church.  Pretty decent victory there.

Tell everybody I said hi.
Love ya'all
Elder Joshua Brown

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