05 January 2012

Feliz Ano!

Feliz Ano para tu!
Welcome to 2012!
I've really enjoyed speaking Spanish for the little time I've had. I hope to be able to maintain it  over the years and perhaps even learn more. 
I was really glad to see Brenda baptised. Her story was almost incredible. She'd given up literaly everything to find God.  And at last she did. 
I did a bold and daring thing this Monday. I made my own bread. It was good, too. a few things to work on still- like letting it rise a bit longer, not making 4 giant loves, and maybe buying a bread pan- but it was tasty, and I think i'll even do it again.
I went on three exchanges in the last two days and it's good to finally be back in my own apartment. I'm still pretty tired though. I feel like i could curl up in a sock drawer and sleep for days.
I've just discovered the coolest thing ever. if you sign in to LDS.org with an LDS account, you have your very own online study notebook. It's super cool. You should try it out, if you haven't already.
Elder Josh Brown

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