29 October 2012

A week of surprises

It's been a week of surprises.
Tuesday morning I was surprised when I recieved my flight Itinerary. I began packing and sorting and weighing that evening.
President Craven called Elder Thompson and myself Tuesday evening. That was a surprise in itself, but then it got even more so. I was reassigned to Gastonia, North Carolina, to be in a threesome with the Zone leaders. I guess technically I qualify as a Zone leader now. It's been a large adjustment. The reason this came to pass was that an Elder from Brazil was transferred up to our mission. I guess he was having trouble with the language and so they brought him back stateside. President and the assistants prayed real hard and for some reason decided that Elder Thompson would be the best option for him, so I got booted out. Now I'm a Zone leader. Hoo buddy.
Friday, we had a hallowe'en Trunk of Treats (like a trunk or treat, but inside, and only one trunk). The ward put it together and pulled it off with style. We were mildly surprised to be sent home with a large box of bags of chips and some candy. It was a good day.
Another pleasant surprise came today when I sat down at the computer here in Gastonia's Family History Center and it let me compose an email! 

I donated my bike to Elder Egnew, the Elder that came up from Brazil. He was in need of one, and I wasn't, so I gave him mine.
Elder Brown

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