14 August 2011

My favorite companion so far

I am exhausted. I hain't never been so tired. I am now with Elder Hurzeler (pron. her-Zel-er) and we are serving in Greensboro, North Carolina. Elder Hurzeler is probably my favorite companion so far. He's just as nerdy and dorky as i am (he plays Magic: The Gathering, video games, and D&D), plus he works hard and has a great attitude. We're already good friends and we still have a full transfer to go. I'm excited for this transfer. It's hot. It's boring. We tract a lot. But the ward is good and my companion is better.
Highlight of the week (actually from last week): we watched about eight hummingbirds duke it out over a sugar water feeder. I took a video; I'll see if I can send it to y'all somehow.
Here's my new address:
Elder Joshua Brown
2011 C Pepperstone Pl
Greensboro, NC  27406
Elder Brown

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