07 March 2011

Making soup in our shoes

It's 70 degrees, and we have all the sun you could ever want down here. Most of the time, at least. I think if I ever live down here I'm going to get a duck car- one that can cross rivers- because every once in a while we have amazing torrential downpours.
Monday night we got the most incredible storm. It came out of nowhere and poured down in torrents. Mike W. our team and most amazing member, was driving us around during that and we couldn't see through the window except a little after the windshield wipers did their wiping. It was awesome! And the lightning! Oh, I wish I could just send you some, it was so awesome.
And yesterday, we got another one. It rained a lot Saturday night and we hoped it would be done, but it wasn't. We got out to go tracting and there was a light drizzle, so we took our raincoats and umbrellas and went a-walking for to preach the word. We got to our first street and we were a little wet. (It was a beautiful road, by the way. The forest just grows everywhere in Charlotte, and you know how beautiful a forest is during a rainstorm) so we tracted it, and then walked through the little forest twice more (I got us turned around and we had to go back. Oh, and we saw a lake in the little forest too.) And then we were wet. But we were diligent and didn't go in. No, we walked another mile and a half to our next road, and my companion has the brilliant Idea of saying "Is this all you can do? That's pathetic, rain! Do your worst! I can take it!" So of course it did. We were making soup in our shoes on the way home. I poured a quarter cup of water out of my shoes when we got home and just threw everything I was wearing into the dryer. Thank goodness for electric dryers.
John and Melinda are progressing. Still waiting though. We're teaching Liz this week.
Thanks for your prayers. we need them.
I love you all! 
Elder Joshua Brown

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