13 December 2010

We are having a baptism this weekend!

We are having a baptism this weekend! Abraham is an Ethiopian man, late 20's, with a strong conversion to God. He's having his interview with the Zone Leaders on Wednesday and if they clear him he'll be baptized on Saturday. If they don't clear him, we'll push it back and try again until he either gets baptized or tells us not to come anymore. We're all hoping he's ready. He's amazing and brilliant, if a little quiet. He accepted the commandments with very little hesitation and no resistance, and he's been living all of them as far as we can tell. So hopefully he's ready.
His baptism is both a blessing and a curse because although he will enter the waters of baptism and start himself on the path to salvation, he's also our only investigator who's really progressing. We have several others but one got sick and is out of our area for treatment, one is tied to a church for his college tuition (they hired him from Africa to tell them about life and culture there) and another is only there for every third appointment. Others are listening to us but not really progressing or not keeping commitments. Kinda frustrating.
Highlight of the week:
We went to a Baptist Christmas service this Sunday. It was a great learning experience because it taught me how our investigators feel when they come to our church, especially when they've never been there before. We had to leave in the middle to get to our own church meetings on time, but it was interesting to see the differences that there are between the way that we worship and the way that they worship.  When we left, a man was doing a 'sand story' about the birth of Jesus. (A sand story is where the artist moves sand around on a projector to make the pictures of the story, in case you didn't know).
Also I'm getting better at biking; I only have to get off every two or three miles now instead of at every hill. :) Still glad we're getting a car this week, though.
Yours faithfully,
Elder Joshua Brown
Servant of the Lord

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