05 December 2010

This must be God's work

I have a few words to say to Jake specifically,  First get in shape.  Get on a bike and get used to it; I have never biked so much as I have this last week. Easily 30 miles. Easy.  Also get used to hills. Pray your mission area is flat but get used to going up and down hills. I hain't never been so sore. I'm loving the work out here even though it's really killing me. Asthma is an issue when you're biking up a hill and more so when it's cold.  I've been using by inhaler faithfully but still having asthma attacks while biking. My companions are really cool but they're working me to death and I'm sweating buckets. My clothes are soaked all the way through every night when we come in. I have some trouble just walking because my quadriceps are so sore. But I've never been so happy. This must be God's work, because if I gave this much physically to any other cause I'd probably not be able to walk anymore at all. I'd hate it and quit. But it must be God's work because I'm still enjoying it despite the fact that I'm dying while doing it. :)

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