29 November 2010

First week in North Carolina

I'm grateful for y'alls prayers and faith. The week has been trying and long but it's almost done.
I have two companions; Elder Fronk is the senior companion, our current district leader, and very engaged in the work. The other, Elder Fox, is waiting for a visa to Brazil and is helping us here in Charlotte in the interim. we practice Portuguese in the mornings when we have time. it's actually kind of fun.
Excited for the next week. We have a car this week. :D My poor companions have to put up with an asthmatic biking companion. They're very good about it though, thankfully. They're more patient with me than I am.
I'm in the Carmel area of the Charlotte NC mission (NCCM). It's the southern half of Charlotte proper, and it's got more hills than anyplace I've ever seen. Up and down are the two favorite directions to build a road in. I don't mind the down parts so much except that I know I'll be going back up 'em later that day. :) it's ok though. I can anticipate the opposite for the uphill slopes. :D
Tracting isn't near as bad as I thought it would be. the People of Charlotte are very nice. it's not very effective, though, and we're trying to think of some better finding activities besides the ones in Preach My Gospel.
so in my last letter I sent an acorn, right? Well here in Charlotte I've seen three different kinds of Oak trees and small acorns that are orange in the inside. They also have pecan trees down here; I opened a pecan with my bare hands. :)
going shopping soon; food and then goodwill. We're going to get an old tie, cut it open, find out how it was made, and sew a new tie from some other fabric. :) don't worry, I won't send dad any of the truly ugly ones. }:-)

The members down here are awesome. The members we ate with last night run a cleaning business and they are hoping to share a Book of Mormon with one of their customers. The husband also teaches English as a second language and has been sharing the gospel in some of his lessons. Very cool when members do their part.
Speaking of post, President Thomas has asked us to ask our families to send any Christmas packages straight to our apartments. I can't remember our address right now so I'll tuck it in the letter that I'm fixing to send to you, hopefully you'll get that before you send anything. He also said to remind everybody that letters/packages need to have 'Elder Joshua Brown' in the address, not 'Elder Brown' and especially not 'Elder Josh.' :)
Elder Brown
Servant of the Lord

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