06 February 2012

Experimental Dinner

Not so good this week. We lost our best investigator and her two potential baptismal date children. :( Otherwise, we could have actually reached Baptismal Date and Sacrament Meeting goals. Oh well. Onward.

I do have one fun story:
We went to a member's house for dinner on Thursday. Brother Coombs welcomed us in  and we walked into the kitchen. There was a kinda funny smell but I didn't think much of it (a lot of places smell funny to me). He mentioned that we were going to have an experimental dish that evening, since his wife was out of town. Hoo boy. Well, there was this big white thing in a pot on the stove, and Brother Coombs started talking about this African chap who told him this was a delicious thing to eat and you boil it, skin it, fry it, and eat it. At this point, we were starting to get a little concerned. After a few more minutes of conversation I realized what it was. Cow tongue. I've never seen a cow's tongue outside of a cow before. That was quite an experience.
It tastes like beef, only less so, and there's a lot of fat and gristle on the bottom part of the tongue. I ate a good portion of mine, but let's just say their dog and I are friends now. :D
I hope all is going well. Best regards to everyone!
Elder Joshua Brown

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