31 October 2011

I hit my year mark this week

It's felt like a year since last Monday. I don't know why but this week was long, even with transfers and all. We taught a lot this week; maybe that contributed.
Tonight, being All Hallow's Eve (or Hallowe'en, as most normal people call it), we are strictly not to do any finding after 6. We have an appointment, but if it cancels, we'll probably have to go in early. :(
I'd kinda forgotten, but I hit my year mark this week. :-/ not sure how I feel about it, but there's nothing I can do about it, so... I guess I'll just not do anything about it. But thanks for not sending me a camel. :D
I don't know what President was thinking, making me senior companion. I'm just really not sure. But I'll do my best.

Elder Bentley, my new companion, is a good egg; he works hard, has a good attitude. He keeps me smiling, which is good. He's from Eagle Mountain, UT, and enjoys drawing, programming, and shotgun shooting.

Even though we don't have any baptismal dates right now, we're still looking forward to a White Christmas this December. We'll work hard and, if the Lord is willing, it'll happen.

Dennis, our Recent Convert, received the priesthood this Sunday. Hurrah! Another soldier in the army!
Love, Elder Brown

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